Many companies apparently have multiple options through which they can save files. Formerly, data was stored on external thumb drive or hard disk among other mediums. The major drawbacks of these mediums are that the medium needs to be protected always on hand to avoid files access by unwanted persons. This makes the means not so convenient with a high risk of been stolen. Also, it’s quite impossible to distribute the files with friends or colleagues unless you opt for e-mailing each a copy.

Cloud storage nowadays offers many options for storing files in a central position and also allows access to the files from multiple devices. Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive are among the cloud-based platforms which give the permission to sync, share and save files on cloud storage for business.

SharePoint by Microsoft is a platform for sharing and storing documents which enable users to collaborate on projects, documents and files. Its equipped with wide document libraries range, wikis, workflows, calendars and task lists among others which help the team in collaborating through the team-oriented platform. The information can be accessed by anyone who has proper privileges of accessing it and can create and modify documents. SharePoint employs three modes of deployment: hybrid, cloud, and on-premises. Every mode has a comprehensive pricing models set which make the SharePoint ideal option for all businesses despite the size.

Reasons as to why businesses are opting for SharePoint

Central repository

The platform provides convenient, a single system of managing records for sharing and storing company files.


SharePoint offers too many options for customization and integration. With the help of the business’ IT team, you can easily implement such as per the requirements of your business


This platform specifically was designed as a software for team collaboration. The software provides tools such as workflow, calendar, tasks, excel and documents and also capabilities of outlook integration. All the tools are to aid in enhancing communication and keeping the employees connected.


The platform offers many features of different varieties and is well compatible with working well with the system in use in companies such as ERP or CRM.


Microsoft worked too hard to have the authorization and authentication protocols of SharePoint greatly improved. This allows fully customized access by users. Through such you can specify some access privileges so as to restrict the files the team members are allowed to see. It is common in companies that non-proficient users will want to access data meant for other people. Through the security enhancement, such is not allowed.


The software is so scalable and is capable of addressing many requirements by businesses in a single package as saving on cost, IT resources and time.


It integrates with almost all other software. With SharePoint, it’s possible to gain access to documents in Microsoft Office for instance.


SharePoint is a reputable platform worldwide known for serving storage and access needs efficiently.


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  1. Trevor Markov says:

    I really don’t have an idea on SharePoint but, after reading this Ive got an idea. It is not a program but platform beneficial for business.

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