There is an enormous amount of email service providers in today’s world, but only a few are reliable. Whether for business or personal use, two seem to stand out from the rest. The first being Gmail by Google aka (gmail.com) and Microsoft’s Outlook.com (outlook.com). Which doesn’t come as a surprise due to the number of people who have one of these two email accounts? In fact, statistics show Gmail to have more users than Outlook. Thus, making it the preferred email service for users. Both are free of charge and backed up by two techno giants. Putting them at the top of the charts as being the best email providers. But, which one to choose? With more than one billion active monthly users, Google’s Gmail comes out on top. Due to its popularity, Gmail has a much greater audience. Yet on the other side of the coin, Microsoft got their start in 2012 and have hundreds of millions of active users. With extra helpful features which rival that of their competition. At first glance, Outlook.com and Gmail appear to be the same. But, upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see their differences. So, let’s take a closer look at the two.

Personal Security

When it comes to computer safety both Outlook and Gmail are secure email services. They’re equipped with a two-step verification process which authenticates the user’s identity. They also have an option for the detection of spam. Separating important email messages from junk mail and placing it into a side folder to view as seen fit.

Online Advertisements

One huge difference between these two email services is how they handle mailbox ads. Gmail’s advertisements come with a yellow-labeled box indicating an ad. But, this can be quite deceiving. To avoid advertisements there is an option for disabling them. Whereas, Outlook displays their ads in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. Taking up a fair majority of one’s browser space. Which is quite a pain when the user wants to read their emails without any interruptions.

Thus, bringing us back to the question “Outlook or Gmail”? In the grand scheme of things, though Gmail has smaller advertisements, they throw a ton of them at you. Making Outlook the better choice.

Managing Contacts

Having a well-established contact list is vital in today’s busy world. So, let’s take a closer look at both Outlook and Gmail’s contact management. Gmail allows users to transfer their contacts from a previous email account. Such as AOL, Yahoo, Google+, Outlook.com and many others as well. Whereas, Outlook only allows the transference of contacts from three specific email services. Those being, old versions of Outlook.com, Gmail, Windows Live Mail, and Yahoo.

Bringing us to the conclusion, that Gmail is a more user-friendly option. Especially, when it comes to managing email contacts.


Outlook.com or Gmail? The decision is up to you. It might be to your advantage to open an account with both email services. That way you’ll have firsthand knowledge about the one which works best.

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