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Jan 29 2018

Why Microsoft Sharepoint is still a great option for Businesses

Many companies apparently have multiple options through which they can save files. Formerly, data was stored on external thumb drive or hard disk among other mediums. The major drawbacks of these mediums are that the medium needs to be protected always on hand to avoid files access by unwanted persons. This makes the means not […]

Jul 12 2017

Top 10 Video Games in 2017

The year 2017 was very good to video game lovers. The arrival of new consoles like Xbox one X and Nintendo Switch ushered in numerous new games from open world adventures to long-awaited sequels. The following were the top 10 video games in 2017: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – Nintendo  Breath […]

Oct 11 2016

3 Tips About NAS Storage You Can’t Afford To Miss

Network-attached storage(NAS) can be defined as file level form of a storage server for computer data which is connected to a network of the computer to offer access to numerous client groups. NAS specifically is built to serve files by either its configuration, hardware or software. The systems contain multiple storage drives which are logically […]

Jul 11 2016

“Gmail Versus Outlook, You Decide”

There is an enormous amount of email service providers in today’s world, but only a few are reliable. Whether for business or personal use, two seem to stand out from the rest. The first being Gmail by Google aka ( and Microsoft’s ( Which doesn’t come as a surprise due to the number of […]

May 21 2015

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer Faster

A new computer is one of the amazing gadgets that one can have. They work super fast and does not give someone any problem. This is something that one enjoys only for a while until the computer starts misbehaving. The user will have a sleepless headache and at some point feels like throwing away the […]