A new computer is one of the amazing gadgets that one can have. They work super fast and does not give someone any problem. This is something that one enjoys only for a while until the computer starts misbehaving. The user will have a sleepless headache and at some point feels like throwing away the gadget because it tends not to perform the same way as the first time you bought it. This does not have to be so, as the computer that you so much think is old and not much helpful can be easily restored to near perfect working conditions by these three easy ways to make your computer faster.

  1. Formatting

When the computer is not performing as you had expected, reformatting is the first option that you have. When you reformat the machine it goes back to the original state the way you had bought it. The performance and all the application will perform in the same way as if you had just bought it. Since the machine will go back to the way you first bought it there is a big possibility of losing some of the most valuable document and software. It is therefore advised before you embark on this idea too, to back up all your document so as you can be able to recover them later. This also applies to the software too.

  1. Deleting Files

In any computer, there must be some files that may not be really necessary. These are some of the files that should be deleted. This can be done especially if you are not very comfortable with the first suggested method. Maybe It is because you do not want to lose some of the software that has already installed as you do not have them in back up. It is advisable to peruse in the hard disk and find software that might not be useful. The more the software or document the higher chance that your computer will not perform very well because of lack of enough space.

  1. Registry

As the one continues using the computer the more it stores more data at the same time a lot of trashes. This will continue to pile up the more you use the machine which will eventually damage the machine or cause the machine to be slow. It is very good to clean the machine once in a while. The cleaning of the machine can be done by installing the registry cleaners that keep the computer clean from most of the junks.

As soon as you get used of doing some of these three ways of keeping the machine fast, you will be surprised by how easy it is to make your computer operate in optimum speed. Which will, in the end, reduce the chances of thinking about spending money on another computer of more often increasing the space of the machine by buying another hard disk.

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